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Academic Counsellor System


Evening Prep Study

Class Teacher

Miale runs 8-4-4 education system as approved by Kenya’s Ministry of Education

We focuses on high quality holistic education and each student has nonstop opportunities to challenge self, expand their horizons, and grow as a responsible individual and independent. The academic program has been designed to enable each leaner to make the most of their time while at Miale.

The school offers a strong foundation for pursuit of higher learning while acquiring entrepreneurial and leadership skills for personal growth.

We teach our students to be ambitious, productive and humble.

Academic Counsellor System

Every Miale student has an advisor. The counsellor is the point person throughout the student’s time at Miale. Working closely to make sure your experience both inside and outside the classroom is meaningful. When it’s course selection time, you will consult with your advisor to plan your schedule.


At Miale we have the government approved books for all the subjects to enable students do private study and complete after class assignment and reference search after class.

There are 3 categories of books:

  1. There are books that are borrowed and returned at the end of the school term.
  2. There are books and other material available for short term borrowing for a maximum of one week.
  3. Reference books for library use only meaning they are used and left in the library.

A knowledgeable and friendly library staff is on duty at all times to assist with the library services like how to use the materials involved in a particular assignment.

Evening Prep Study

The students take quiet studies from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. every school night for our regularly scheduled study. It’s the time when students digest the learning of the day and focus in on their homework. This is done in the respective classrooms.

Class Teacher

Each class is assigned a class teacher who checks on the attendance, advising on ways of doing all kinds of things, from being organized or managing time efficiently to study strategies, note-taking and listening well.

The class teacher handles all the class specific issues and escalate as appropriate.

We offer a wide range of small classes that focus on critical thinking, and collaborative learning and modern resources. This rigorous, comprehensive curriculum teaches you about the world while it challenges you.

Our academic program will challenge charm and change the students. With capable, committed and engaging teachers the small size classroom will enhance personalised attention and time critical thinking. Students on the other hand are expected to be open to learning and sharing experiences while making the learning experience funny loving and ambitious.

As we prepare students for higher learning our philosophy pushes them to look beyond the prestige factor and find what’s best for their personal growth. It’s their life. We want them to own it.

The teaching staff is highly qualified to teach the 8-4-4, with university degrees. They aim to get the very best levels of performance out of each student. Each student has a Tutor who monitors pastoral and academic progress and learning support is provided when needed.

We also want your life to be healthy, creative, compassionate, engaged, learned, and global. It’s what we do here every day. We teach you to be proud and ambitious in the modern world while simultaneously, paradoxically, to be humble and to know your own smallness. We’ll even show you how to advocate for yourself—to play your own tune, compose it

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